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Friday, 29 July 2011

He is back, He has Changed, I am Happy

Its true, the illusive guy is back! - I feel that should have been much more dramatic, nevermind.

Alot has changed since my last douse of a sticky on/off  'relationship' infact this year alot has changed period, one of the most exciting has to be the last Harry Potter release! its fantastic! - however I digress! Perhaps maybe the most exciting part should be this relationship taking a great turn and becoming a lot more serious, leading me from chronic depression in January to actually resonably happy in, lets call it August for refference sakes. However me being the doubfully negative person I am, which can only be proved by the fact im watching rubbish tv at 1 am on a thursday/friday! Again I have digressed, ah yes im not getting my hopes up becuase lets face it after prozac you're not that stupid anymore, however just to contrdict my self, I am hopeful this new found spark will last!

Reading this back to my self really makes me think, do other people go through these sorts of relationships? if so why? - im not going to lie as much as im in love with him now and suppose have always have carried torch but the past two years of this on off, for me atleast have been damn hard work and probably aged me! not for one minute would I do it differently, but christ its not always as much fun as its cracked upto be! (I feel i have just been really nasty to this bloke, please re itterate this is not all the time, and I wouldnt never change any of it!)

So as entitled of the blog here is a section on Men, and I have just thought to myself, this may have been a messy relationship at times, but actually its just my life and I need to stop comparing it to other people and embrace it - that will be the prozac kicking in, lets leave it at that.

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