Ladybird, Ladybird fly away home you're house is on fire and your children are gone.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

One Out, One In and a Horrible New Job

I have come to realise why all my plants are dead, they get much more neglected than my blog! Which let’s be honest is too much! Well a lot has happened my own ‘Mr Big’ has left and que Mr gorgeous walking straight in which happens to be the only perk of my new job! Mr gorgeous however does have a Missus but I’m sure something can be worked out about that one, somehow.
Anyway I’ve digressed already! So the first left, to Uni anyway thought I would be really bothered like the heartbroken girl sat at home by the phone waiting for him to return, only joking! I’m rather over all the drama if I’m being honest, much more focused on the unobtainable? – one day I might live in the real world, until then ill provide some sort of entertainment I suppose? A lot more than this Big Brother crap, I mean seriously where do they find some of these people? They should put me in the big brother house to bring some REAL carnage to the proceedings – I say this I would probably just cry in the garden because there is no internet or squares bars. (Oh dear, I think I have the attention span of a salivating Labrador in a dog park) Anyway for a ‘relationship’ I’m over it quickly, I suppose that’s a good attribute to have it will definitely get me through life a little easier. We have already been through the second appearing but I just wanted to mention it again, because he is beautiful. Although to be honest part of me is a little sick of the lovey dovey relationships the thought of it all sounds a little too much like effort, on the other hand it would be nice to have someone as long as the drama stayed way way away! So I suppose that really, I have no idea what I want….. does anyone?

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